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Q-Mentor: Quality assurance in mobility - mentoring and learning outcomes

Project No. DE/12/LLP-LdV/TOI/147552

Duration: 24 months, from 01/10/2012 to 30/09/2014

The main aim of “Q-Mentor” project is to increase the number of mobilities abroad and recognize acquired competences. The project follows the EU priority “Development and transfer of mobility strategies in VET”. Thereby the partnership consortium aims at improving the quality of mobility experiences due to sustainable implementation of instruments for better transparency and recognition. As for the strategic aim, the partnership consortium organize mobility experiences for apprentices with high value within lasting and effective cooperative structures in order to implement valid learning outcomes as a standard for mobility. Mentors in receiving and sending companies play a strategic role in the process of organizing, carrying out and evaluating mobility experiences; therefore they are to be seen as key for quality assurance. The partnership consortium will focus on their training in how to understand and apply the mentioned instruments for transparency and recognition of the learners’ competences.

To reach project aims mentors will be trained and become familiar with the following topics: 

- Transparency and trust in different national VET-systems;

- Competent application of European instruments for transparency (EQR, ECVET);

- Implementation of valid learning outcomes in mobilities.

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