Malta European mobility

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Sigma 3C: Cultura, Creatività, Competitività - Trasferimento di strategie per la promozione della competitività e della creatività dell’industria culturale

Project No. LLP-LDV/TOI/08/IT/508

Duration: 24 months

The project aims to contribute to the development of new skills in the culture management ,addressing primarily to administrators, who are required to develop cultural local policies, in support of their territories. The project is also addressed to trainers, and in particular, to those people who can contribute to the bottom-up development of these polices, by disseminating the basic concepts and the methodology of the Sigma 3C project.

The project aims also to strengthen cooperation between institutions and businesses that offer learning opportunities at European level. This is possible thanks to its partners that work actively in the sector of the vocational training and in particular in relation to the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme.

Moreover, the project is directly aimed to stimulate cultural expression and creativity, that represent some of the key skills stressed in the Lisbon Strategy.

Malta Cultural Plan: