Malta European mobility

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SOLID- Solidarity lifts Social and Economical Development

Project No. IFTN/MT/01/2008/003

Duration: 6 months 7/01/2010 to 29/06/2010

The aim of the project SoliD (Solidarity lifts Social and Economical Development) is a ‘Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows Programme’ as funded by ‘The European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals 2008’. SoliD aims at analysing the requirements of Maltese territory and economic systems  to identify the deficiencies of professionalism and competences of which the economic system and the entrepreneurial systems will require and identify whether third country nationals can fill in that professional void.

Projects aims:

·       To make sure that there is labour market access to regular immigrants residing locally.

·     SoliD aims at fostering inter-cultural dialogue and participation between regular immigrants and Maltese citizens to eliminate intolerance which hinders economic and social development.

·     To help to local national efforts to provide a response to the multi-dimensional issue of integrating third country nationals. In doing we create a forum of solidarity to support Member States and local institutions in integrating regular immigrants belonging to different cultures, religions, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds into society and allowing them the possibility to be active participants in everyday life.

To involve different local stakeholders so as to contribute towards local policy capacity building, coordination and intercultural competence building across the different levels and departments of government. SoliD has addressed the following fundamental principle for labour integration of immigrants by a series of activities and studies.